Aerospace industry

Aerospace components are characterised by strict safety standards and high quality. Our equipment is a guarantee for achieving these objectives.

Power Engineering

Turning on a light, turning on the TV or running the water – these common situations are preceded by sub-activities. Our company participates in many of them by supplying equipment for the most demanding operations such as at power plants, heating plants, mining towers, etc.

Precision Engineering

Our equipment ensures high stability of the production process with the required quality. Together with these products, we also supply products and sub-assemblies that are used, for example, in machine tools.

Railway industry

This area is specific in that the quality and safety requirements for dimensionally demanding parts that are part of the chassis of freight wagons must be reconciled in the individual types of equipment. We mainly supply clamping fixtures and single-purpose equipment for the aforementioned components and some railway parts, such as substructures, bridge decks and couplings.

Ship transportation

The quality of our equipment has also made us successful in companies manufacturing machinery components for ship transportation, which are characterised by high demands on quality and durability. An example of this rests in the clamping fixtures for cylinder block machining (18, 20 and 24 cylinders). Fixtures for engine connecting rod machining and fixtures for common rail injection system production.


In the healthcare sector we have succeeded with our experiences in developing and implementing parts of capsule production lines for pharmaceuticals, food supplements, etc. In the healthcare sector we wish to further develop our experiences gained thus far.

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